Launching a new Launching a new direction. 1,500 leads. 3 Landings in 3 weeks.


About the company

IBS deals with IT solutions for B2B and government agencies.


At the end of 2019, the company had three new HR services: mass recruitment, HR records outsourcing, and payroll outsourcing.

We were invited to develop this area because we already had positive experience in a similar B2B project.



It is essential to find big clients. The company has set, from the start, high requirements for the average check. This cut off small businesses. The client wasn't sure if a hypothetical "Pyatyorochka" was looking for contractors on the Internet.

Therefore, at the initial stage it was necessary to test the hypothesis: whether the Internet is suitable for lead generation in principle, determining the real cost per click, applications and other metrics.

To quickly test the hypotheses, we decided to create a simple site from scratch and quickly change it without additional approvals, relying only on the metrics we received. We developed three landings based on a common design concept, focusing on structure and content rather than visuals.

The number of conversions on the site dynamics

Semantic core

A total of 150,000 search queries were processed, and 2,000 queries were selected for the campaign. The CMC and RNS were postponed due to budgetary constraints.


We start building the semantic core immediately after signing the contract, as this process takes almost a month.



Content manager

Advertising campaign

We set up the CRM integration and UTM tagging for a detailed understanding of the source of the lead. We connected number spoofing and also integrated telephony with CRM.

We taught the client’s employees how to work with the stages of the transaction in the CRM, so that everything was clear and transparent.

In the ads of the advertising campaign we emphasized the scale of the service. We emphasized that we do mass recruitment of 50 people plus. We added a mandatory field in the application form, where the user has to select the required number of people. This eliminated ambiguity and reduced the stress for the sales department.

During the advertising campaign, the client shared data on the quantity and quality of qualifying applications. Based on them, we continued to experiment and change the strategy. In total, we created 50 search and 20 media campaigns.

1500 leads.


The number of leads peaked in July 2020. That's when we ramped up our advertising campaign to meet the increased demand for mass recruitment.


We got 1500 leads in a year, with an average context budget of 250,000 rubles per month, and without building an omni-channel story.

Got about 18 million hits and 150,000 clicks.

Doubled the number of leads after 6 months of work with the advertising campaign.