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What to do if you have a lot of work on your plate? Of course, go to the countryside, fish, and relax!

Having good rest

A good developer is a well-rested developer. In the summertime, the body wants to put down the work and stick to something cool. Especially in this heat. Sounds familiar? Do you agree? That's why you need to switch from work mode more often.

The ideal place to fight burnout is nature, with all its perks. There you can watch forever how the fire is burning, the water is flowing, and how the general manager is chopping wood.

But we get along without any forced team building. Whoever doesn't like to pick at the fire with a stick, just stays home and watches episodes. There's a certain amount of fun in that, too, and we respect the preferences of every team member.
Have a time for rest, friends. Have a great summer!