The development of the project was carried out by our agency from scratch, and the requirements for the final functionality of the project were very extensive.


The overall service system was broken down into subsystems: integration with third-party services, personal account, admin panel (CRM-system with built-in analytics)

The project was developed in PHP using Laravel framework.

The adaptive mobile version

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One of the interesting tasks was to design the architecture of application interaction with various third-party services (vendors) that had radically different interaction interfaces. As a solution, by applying a design pattern, a method and data aggregation layer class was developed, combining all the different interfaces and providing a common interface, for the interaction of the application's business logic.

Mobile version


Out of the box solutions in this case we used only Yandex.Kassa acquiring, to organize online payments. For detailed analytics we used dynamic call-tracking from CoMagic. TextBack and MailChimp are used to provide prompt feedback. All other functionality is implemented from scratch.