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We are looking for a highly-qualified specialist to join our team.

We offer you exciting challenges, career development and a decent salary.

You could be interested in working with us.


Wemakefab supports career advancement in many ways, e.g. cool projects, mentors and a knowledge base. We will discuss further information at the interview.




About Job

What are we developing?

  • Sites for design festivals with a budget over 2 million rubles,
  • ERP systems, CRM, personal accounts,
  • Online services and e-commerce solutions.

Besides cool tasks and money, here's something else we've got:

  • Among our clients are corporations and well-known brands,
  • We work with international projects,
  • We win awards in all local and international design competitions, e.g. Tagline, Runet Rating, Awwwards, CSSDesign,
  • We make online services that change people's lives,
  • We are striving to be an agency known outside the digital market,
  • We are building a rockstar team,
  • We heavily invest in employee training.

You will be able to quickly grow professionally and add exceptional cases to your portfolio as we are ambitious enough to work with the best experts on the market.

Creating efficient processes

We build processes from scratch, learning from market leaders. Since the agency started rapidly growing in 2021, processes have not been in sync with development. And you can take part in building the processes with your expertise at the foundation.

Your team leader can do good code reviews for you. Should you wish to share your experience, you can become a mentor yourself.

Work with the latest technologies

  • Spring, Spring Boot
  • PostgreSQL, MySql

Still, we do not concentrate on the specific tools. If developers would like to use a non-standard framework for professional growth or for solving a task, this is not a problem, but a chance to build our expertise. We are willing to listen.

Why working with us can be better than working at a large corporation:

  • No strict regulations or dress code,
  • You can choose tasks and participate in various projects,
  • Opportunity to develop and grow professionally without constant bickering,
  • Flexible schedule,
  • Remote/Office/Hybrid schedule,
  • Corporate events without torturous rhetorical pathos,
  • Humor and relaxed atmosphere,
  • Memes in chat.

Who won't be good for us

Please do not apply for the job if:

  • You don't care what tasks you need to solve,
  • The only motivation for you is money,
  • You believe that you have reached all professional heights,
  • You lack motivation to improve your hard skills.

We believe that this should also be mentioned as we want to build a team of like-minded people. This is a reasonable and efficient business approach.


What if you lack some skills? - no worries, let's talk!


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